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Tell me a story

jwinterbarnes answered:

Alright strap in fuck face I’m going tell you my favorite story. 

An approximate amount of time ago, a relative way away, the Lons family lived in the French colonies to the South of the Valarus continent. Like many people, after the war, they had been persecuted to pay taxes they couldn’t afford and worship a religion they didn’t believe. The Lons family came from the city of Essuri, and just in time too, merely days after they docked in their new home the Lons couple became three. Cain was born in the French colonies. 

He was a happy baby and he lit up the hovel they lived in. In a few short months, the colony they had escaped to had become another prison. Their new home was getting over populated, desease and sickness spread like wildfire. Mrs. Lons fell ill, in an effort to keep the sickness from Cain, Mr. Lons spent the last of his months pay on a wet nurse. While the Lons family struggled, they were, in their own eyes, not poor. They had a roof, food, and he held a steady job. 

Over the course of two years the economy fell, more refugees were escaping to the French colonies. It was to many people, the land or the economy could support them. Mr. Lons was fired from his job and opened up his own shop in turn, a brothel, his father before him did it, and he knew the trade though it was dirty. He made it better, he built relationships with his employees based on trust and giving them the protection they needed. 

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. In the land of the poor and starving, with no tourists, he didn’t have much of a cliental. With Cain, aged two, a pregnant wife and himself they became stow aways on a ship. They didn’t know where it was going, what it was shipping, or anything, but they needed to get out of the slums. 

The trip did not go as planned. But the details of this are not of import. In three months time the family arrived in the great city of Dislore. A dream city, built on dreams, and thriving with a fair king. Two days off the boat but them in the poor side of the city. Even in the worlds greatest city, there are unhappy people. Two months since their arrival, Mrs. Lons goes into labor with their second child. A doctor had been prearranged, and when he was fetched, it was not him who showed up, it was a women, in a carriage, the Lons family was whisked away on this carriage. They were brought to the heart of the city, the Yampatchi castle, the kings home. 

Evidently, it was their extremely lucky day, the Queen was having a child as well. and being a queen, she would have a wet nurse, tabs were being kept on all the pregnant women in the city and Mrs. Lons is the one the Queen choose after hearing her choices. The Queen had already given birth a day earlier, to a beautiful baby girl, Princess Jade. 

Mrs. Lons gave birth to Leon. A small child, there were complications with his birth and he was not 100% healthy. But the king was known for his generosity. Leon was cared for.

The Lons family grew accustom to their new accommodations. Mr. Lons was always a bit of a Jack of all trades and picked up a position in the royal kitchen. And Mrs. Lons happily taking care of both Leon and Jade, they began to grow up together. Unfortunately  all was not right. Cain was three years old, and he was getting ignored on a constant basis. Mrs. Lons was very occupied with two infants of the same age, and much of her time was dedicated to them, about half her time. It was equal, but it was not what Cain was used to. This upset him. 

It was a night nine months after Leon’s birth, it was a recent endeavor for Mrs. Lons to keep Leon in his own room. Cain saw this as his opportunity. He snuck into the nursery, and a held his hands up to Leon’s neck, just as he’s seen rope take a mans life in this way, his hands did it to his brother. 

 Life left Leon, much faster than Cain had expected. He stepped back to admire his work. But he didn’t. Regret flooded him. He had loved his brother. His brother who had watched his every move, when Cain left the room Leon always wailed. 

Cain began to shake and cry as silently as possible, there was a blue ring around Leon’s neck, but his face looked asleep, he still looked alive. Cain had never felt so strongly about something in his entire life, and, not known to him now, but he would never feel this strongly about something again. A certain power in this rare even surged through him. Magic wasn’t a powerful trait in the Lons family. But it surged through him, like a pulse. The magic commanded his moves. With one hand he removed the bruising, with the other hand, and it’s magic aid, he grabbed what was left of Leons soul hovering just above him. He magically bound it to Leon. 

The magic drained him, completely, sick for a week. He would not even have a small magical ability until many years later. 

There were consequences with Cain’s magic trick. There minds became linked. They could not hide their thoughts from each other. Leon grew up to fast, always hearing things from Cain. They became one. It was creepy to say the least, they developed the same personality, ideas, Cain leading them all. It was dangerous. 

Years went by like this. Things in the castle changed. Mr. Lons had gravely upset the king, over a petty matter, but the king had him banished. Mrs. Lons, still needed, could not leave. She was very upset abou this. Leon was four here. 

Five years later, at Leon’s age nine, he was abducted. It works like a slave trade you see. Leon was in the city, making deliveries, he works as a castle page. He was lost, if just briefly  trying to read an address and walk, but he has issues when it comes to reading, something even Cain couldn’t help him with. They snagged him then. The dagger he holds close couldn’t even help him. 

He woke up on a ship. And for the first time ever, Leon and Cain were physically separated, more than they have ever been. Leon was brought to the city of Stahn. Otherwise known as Satan’s asshole. The Sin City of Aruntesu. Gambling, whoring, murdur, corruption, right through the heart of the city. The pulse of the city was built on sin, the people who called it their home ran the corruption, and their cliental consisted of sailors, and every self-loathing bastard up and down the coast. 

Of course slave trade is a huge part of the economy. And children always made the perfect slaves. High energy, little knowledge, the perfect for various things. The vampire and werewolf communities used them to enhance their numbers, especially before a war, cause once you changed, you were so much more powerful and useful. 

It happen not to be war time for either of the clans, but a vampire attained Leon anyway. He was a loner. Traveling through Stahp, hoping to purchase a good looking boy to make into his Blood’s son. He liked the look of Leon, and such a strange aura.

He made him a vampire, he trained him. It was traumatic it sucked. All the while, Cain was in his head, tell him it was gonna be okay, giving him updates as to how it was in the castle, his mom was frantic to find him. The castle blatantly refused to help her locate Leon, they had no way to locate him without spending money they couldn’t. Cain wanted to give up their secret, but Leon, Leon that little shit, said no. he opposed Cain. He made a conscious decision unlike what Cain was thinking and it surprised both of them. 

Cain backed off, they had no direct thoughts directed to each other for many days. The situation at the castle worsened, and Cain took matters into his own hands. He went to his mom and told her he knew where Leon was. By the end of the day, they were on a ship, and would be with Leon in a matter of weeks. 

Leon had hated the slave trade, hated being away from Cain. But with the vampire? He was terrified at first, with no explanation, he was turned, not given a choice, just suddenly pain. It changed him not only physically, but emotionally too. He was on a road away from Cain. They would become separate. He wanted this. For himself. Thinking this way was new to him, for the first time, he felt he had his own thing, he felt separately from Cain, their hearts beat out of sync. 

Leon embraced his new separation. He learned, he was terrified as hell, but he learned. And the day after Cain left the shore of Dislore, the vampire pushed Leon to far. It was time to learn to fight, he beat Leon, within an inch of his life. he began denying him access to blood. IT was endurancing training. The baby period was over, from here on out, the Vampire promised Leon’s life would be this way. 

It was very lucky that Cain arrived days later, with a small army. The vampire was killed. They all went home. Leon did a lot of research on being a vampire. Sunlight was scorching at first, but he learned ways to avoid it, and ways to cope with being out in it, being fed defiantly helps. 

His development as a vampire reflected his development as a person. He made his own opinions and decisions. Despite vampirism being a curse, it was the best thing that ever happen to him. He never knew how suffocated he was. 

For four more years they lived in the castle. Until there mother had the last straw. Leon was teenaged now, ever since his ordeal Mrs. Lons was always put off by the king and his ‘rules’ as she said. The king had finally had enough, she was banished from the castle as well. Cain, being sixteen, and int his world, a perfectly functioning adult, decided to stay, he held the highest page position, and Leon wanted to stay as well. Neither of them knew life outside Dislore. This was them, their childhood, there lives. They were both old enough to live on their own. 

Mrs. Lons could not locate Mr. Lons. He fell of the grid, sort to say. There was a sinking feeling that he was dead, but she didnt share that with the boys. She moved to the forest, and began a quiet life. She wrote back and forth to the boys often. 

At the castle, white there mother’s life windes down, theres is just begining. 

And that is the backstory of the Lons brothers in my book I’m writing. 


Anonymous asked:

Who is your favorite character EVER?

jwinterbarnes answered:


I am going to cheat. I am going to give you an OC from my book. I was just talking about it, and I love talking about it, so I’m talking about it. 


I can’t even choose a favorite character. 

Okay here’s a heart breaking character. Arian. Arian was born in the- oh shit this takes some world building explanation this is going to be a while. 

Okay, Aruntesu is a planet created by an AI in the center of Earth’s core, that’s not super important. It has magic, all the people on the planet are not human, they are all sort of a mixxed breed. Every ‘humanoid’ like person has the ability to change into another type of Animal of the same mass. This does create some funny situations-imagine human sized cat. So every person on the planet has this ability, but they can’t do it from day one. Like learning to walk and talk, you learn to change. Generally right around the age of 8 or so people are strong enough to become a creature as well as human. The change is just as much about emotional strength as physical strength. But it is also a sliding scale, enough emotional strength will outweigh the need for physical and vice versa.  

Okay now that you know that every person is like that— some people are not. There is a small family line directly descended from the angels that cultivated the land and created intelligence for all the animals to come together as one. These people are special, for the animal they transform into in an angel, the only big difference is that at a certain age, they sprout wings. The wings reflect personality through color and style. Clearly, this line is not normal, and they do not even have normal social standing. They rule over the mighty land of Dislore, a country destined to always be the most powerful and influential because Angels themselves govern the people. 

Anywhat- Arian. Arian was born of a true Human mother from Earth and a Angel’s descendent father of Aruntesu. He is the half brother to the main character, Juliana, family narcissist, Kaiser (both full human), and Jade the Angel. To start things off right, while Arien was being born his wings expanded and killed his mother, but he was born unusually happy. Juliana felt strange about the child and Kaiser ran from the event and stayed away for many years, not even attending his mothers funeral. Arian could never even open his wings again for a very long time. 

No it gets worse I swear. Arian grew up spoiled rotten and hated. His father, the king, was distraught of the whole event, he loved his wife and he wasn’t sure it was worth the child that quiet frankly sent him bad vibes. Arian grew up always knowing this, he knew how his father felt and he strived for his fathers attention and appreciation. He would never get it, their relationship would end unresolved. Jade, his older half sister who ran the castle in her fathers distrughtness never had time for him, in a way Arian understood, that would be his position one day after all. 

Leon and Cain Lons both worked in the castle, more or less. Leon had the respectable job of attendant to the Queen and Cain provided the entertainment. You understand, he owned the greatest brothel this side of Stahn and the Castle would hire his entire line up exclusively quiet often for it’s guests. A basterd child was born at the Brothel, his name was Kaito and he was only a few years older than Arian and they became best friends, Arian’s only friend one could say. Arian always walked around like a hot shit, he acted like he owned the whole damn place, he bossed people around and treated people like shit whenever possible. It was an insecurity really, while looking for the respect and approval of his father, the quickest way he could think of was to do exactly what his father does-boss people people around like your better than them and own the place. 

Of course it didn’t work, but it was his disposition, worsening as he got older and more spoiled. This attitude pushed Kaito away quiet often. They had a relationship built on fights and dictatorship. Kaito kept his head strong. He had a great family (living as a Lons, taken care of by the women of the Brothel) and he loved to make people smile, if only a little. He struggled with his sexuality for a short time and discovered himself to be gay. Not completely socially acceptable at the time, the world is set in an 1700s setting. Leon and Cain were fine with it, Jade could not have cared less, and as the queen her opinion ment much about his safety, the walls of the castle were safe for him. Arian, following things he has heard his dad mumble, was extremely not okay with the idea. He began excluding Kaito from things they often did together. It was not long after that in which Kaito receives a vision from another world, what he sees is not desirable, and telling only Leon, he sneaks away from the castle one night to make sure this vision does not come true. He goes to visit the Witch of all Space and Time across the seven realms of Earth Creation. A dangerous exploit that would take him off the planet of Aruntesu and onto a space station, floating in the confines of deep space, far away from most things. He got there threw an extremely powerful magic and timing. It left a residue in the air and a skilled magician could follow with ease. 

It wasn’t long for Arian to catch wind of what Kaito was doing. And while they had grown apart in recent years. In an act completely out of character, Arian follows Kaito. He really doesn’t know why. It was as though his heart pulling and twinges within him to do something and he could not deny. 

Kaito had seen Juliana’s death. His friends half sister, Leon’s lover and his own personal friend, he could not bear for this to come to pass and he knew their was a reason he had the vision. 

He arrives to the Witch who tells him she can’t do Jack shit for him and the bitch is gonna die. But he can save her soul for latter reincarnation. Kaito settles for this. The cost is his memory of his closest friend and a detailed record of the seven planets from the earthly realm. Kaito is not completely sound with this, but he is also bitter about his friends reaction to his true self. He accepts. He begins his journey through the seven planets to create a detailed record for the witch. 

Arian arrives to the witch just after Kaito’s exit. Planned to a T by the witch herself. Arian demands information, in which she does not given him on principle to not answer rude questions. Arian is furious and for the first time ever has no upper hand on the situation at all. Without revealing information, the Witch says she can allow him to go to Kaito, at the price he forgets his entire life until now, or he may return home, but because he can not get himself back, the price for that would be every good memory he contained, which would be just about every memory with Kaito. 

He decides to start a new slate. 

He wakes up in a strange land, in a strange forest, the Witch has been gracious enough to leave him the memory of motor control, and language. 

He unites with Kaito and doesn’t even remember his name. Kaito decides Air is a good name, cause he’s a but air headed. Air is just happy to see another human face. 

Over the course of the time they are together, they fall in love (aww cute) and it is quickly apparent to the reader that Air is a completely different person from Arian. Air is heartwarming, he tries to know whats best and he has a real sense of leadership, but not bossiness. He had a huge sense of Empathy. He is finally everything he was destined to be. He is finally emotionally stable and truly happy. 

It was the final planet on their journey just before they will return to Kaito’s home planet of Aruntesu. It had been seven years. they are in some real shit. They had upset a local town with there knowledge and faced some accusations of witch craft, it was frowned upon, and prosecuted by death. They were on the run to say the least. Of course, they had no knowledge of the layout of the land and all of a sudden they are jumping off a cliff (I still need to work it out okay? I wont sound this cheesy when I write it) Anyway, they are falling quite fast. Air grabs a hold of Kaito, and without thought, his wings are open. Unsteady and still falling, Kaito attempts to teach Air the method of gliding.

Oh fuckign shit. I wrote so goddamn much I can’t even right now. thsi isnt even the end theirs still so much more.

Essetiallu they never remember, Air becomes the greatest king of Dislore, Kaito becomes immortal and Air dies eventually. It’s sad. 

wow, these are just side characters too. the main characters are Juliana and Leon. 

I didn’t even get to tell you about Esser and man do I love him too. 

fuckign I am so done

Cookie for you if you read and cared about this and found it at all interesting. I am flattered, i actually am. 



Challenge: Redraw one five years later. 

I am writing a book that takes place on a different planet. I’ve been working on it for seven years now. I’ve done so much world building conceptually, now i’ve finally gone back and made the map more believable. i’ll scan the image in later into illustrator and photoshop to make different versions of the map. 

As it turns out, I went to Art school and learned about how fractals create coast lines.